Feedback from clients & editors from major publishing houses

Denise Dudley, founder and former CEO of SkillPath Seminars: “Here’s my most important piece of advice: be sure to hire a great writer. No, wait—it’s a lot easier than that. Simply hire the best in the biz, Nadine Taylor! Thanks, Nadine, for encouraging me, for keeping me on track, and especially for your friendship. You have made this journey fun.”

Kay Legendre Doré & William J. Doré, founder and former CEO, Global Industries: “Bill and I are delighted to have had Nadine Taylor’s help in blending the kaleidoscope of our lives into a readable fashion for our family memoir. Her research, knowledge of story structure, encouragement, and assurance that our story would be interesting to current and future generations was invaluable. She became a writer, therapist, literary critic, and friend, all rolled into one. Writing the book with Nadine was a wonderful experience that we recommend to all!”

Lorna Myers, Ph.D.: “Deciding to work with Nadine… was the best decision I have made in a long time. Her attention to detail, professionalism and writing skills are superb. We became a finely tuned team that resulted in an excellent book (even if I say so myself)…”

Mark Houston, M.D.: “Your ability to focus on the key points of complex medical issues and explain them with simplicity and clarity is a literary gift.”

Diana Baroni, Senior Editor, Warner Books: “Congratulations! You’ve done a fantastic job here. The program is very clear, the writing is engaging, and the promise of helping people is on every page.”

Amy Kovalski, Rodale Books: “I appreciate your attention to detail and all your hard work in making the book as perfect as possible. Also, thank you for not only meeting the deadline I had given you, but beating it by a number of days!”

Tracy Bernstein, Executive Editor, Kensington Publishing: “Thanks for doing such a great job on the manuscript. I think we really have a great book on our hands.”