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Nadine Taylor, Author and Ghostwriter

Nadine is the author, ghostwriter or editor of dozens of books in the genres of memoir, health and business, including her own memoir/biography If My Heart Had Wings: A World War II Love Story.

Her recent projects include the memoir of an impoverished young couple who built a two billion dollar oil business, a book on the business philosophies of the woman who founded SkillPath Seminars, and the story of a Jewish man who escaped the Nazis at age 15 and eventually became a U.S. steel magnate.

Nadine’s work has been featured in Time, Newsweek, USA Today, the National Enquirer and more, and translated into French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese and many other languages. A selection of the books she has written can be found on “My Projects.” To read what editors at top New York publishing firms have said about her work, see “Testimonials.” 

If My Heart Had Wings, by Nadine Taylor

Latest work!

After writing several memoirs for other people, Nadine has finally written her own, If My Heart Had Wings: A World War II Love Story. It’s the fascinating story of her discovery, at age 13, of her mother’s secret marriage to a pilot who was killed during World War II, and how that pilot continued to “reappear” in both of their lives over the course of decades. WWII history/romance buffs will eat up this true story of love and loss, corrosive family secrets, oppression, psychological abuse, and the indelible bonds of true love.

A brief summary of the plot: After the death of her beloved pilot husband during World War II, a woman struggles for years to find happiness and fulfillment in spite of her marriage to an alcoholic, oppressive second husband and the expectations heaped upon women living in mid-century American society.

What Amazon readers have said about If My Heart Had Wings: A World War II Love Story:

  • What a compelling, romantic book – filled with longing and well-researched historical information! 
  • The best book I’ve read all year!
  • I read the book in one sitting and found it to be absolutely riveting, and so well written! 
  • I recommend this to anyone who likes World War II tales and stories about strong women who never give in to adversity.

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